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Hole Pilot 8 piece Kit
Aidan Carroll
Never even got it

Says it was shipped but no tracking or updates and no delivery

Never received it
Very disappointed

A handyman’s best friend!

Such a clever yet simple solution. This product is saving me time and money- very glad to have added it to my toolbox. Highly recommended!

Making a hole larger is hard to do… NOT anymore

We had a 1.5 inch grommet through my desktop and really needed a 2.5 or even a 3 inch hole. It's been on the to-do list for almost a year but we couldn't figure out how to get it done without messing up my desk. A friend told me about this product so I bought a kit and we fixed the problem with ease. Thank you HP!

Hole Pilot 8 piece Kit
Clarence Brewer
Hole Pilot

Bought a new touchpad lock for my front door, after opening the package I needed a larger hole than my old lock, the Hole Pilot saved me, no other tool out there can make a hole larger and on center

Hole Pilot 8 piece Kit
Andrea Martin

This is making for the best Father’s Day gift to my husband and father!


How many times in the past could I have used the holepilot…lots!
Plus, it’s an immediate on the job problem solver.
Great new product!

Hole Pilot good product

Does exactly what it says and I like that.
You have an existing hole (wood,metal,plastic,concrete) need to make it larger? Pop in the right sized Hole Pilot and your Pilot Hole in an instant.

Great gift for your tool crazy husband

Heard about this from a friend and since my husband is a tool nut, in his shop all the time, I bought one for him. He has used it twice already and is amazed at how a simple tool could solve a complicated problem that has been pestering woodworkers for many many years! Needless to say he Loves his Hole Pilot

Very good idea

car wash manager. have used it several times works as stated without fail.
plastic, steel, wood and concrete.
creates a new pilot hole which is exactly what I needed...and get this.
don't need to access the rear so when I had to enlarge a hole in a 800 gallon tank...i didn't have to crawl inside!!! awesome

Amazing tool

This tool is amazing I have used it on a few materials already. Vinyl soffit, aluminum, and wood. This product will fix a lot of mistakes made in the field or around the house.

simple and works age old problem eliminated

Electrician drilled a hole for our new puck lights. Problem ; he drilled a 2-1/4" hole and we need 2-3/8". Having done a lot of wood work and general handyman work, I have encountered this problem before and it's always a time consuming issue. Now with hole pilot it's not a problem at all.
Instantly creates a new pilot hole and you're done!

Solved my problem making a hole bigger in my cabinets

This is a great tool.. Simple to use. Solved my problem.
The Hole Pilot created a new self centered hole.
The Hole Pilot made by hole bigger without damaging my material.