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Hole Pilot at the 2022 PTIA

At this year’s 10th annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards show, a full panel of contractors, construction business owners, tradesmen, and media professionals gathered to nominate and vote for the world's most innovative construction and OPE products.The 2022 PTIA showcased a stunning array of innovative tool accessories, power tools, hand tools, fasteners, and more—as submitted by the construction industry's top tool manufacturers.

The PTIA judges choose tools based on a number of factors:

  • Innovative Features
  • Advanced Power Delivery
  • Groundbreaking Ergonomics
  • Technological Advancements
  • Improvements in Job Site Safety
  • Above-average Value

And among the most innovative was Hole Pilot.

According Pro Tool Reviews, they voted for Hole Pilot due to it's project-saving design, stating, "Have you ever tried boring the wrong size hole with a hole saw and used a bigger one to expand it? It doesn't end well.Thankfully, Hole Pilot has a fantastic solution that works to plug the initial hole, thereby providing stability for a bigger hole saw. Essentially, Hole Pilot empowers users to more easily and simply correct their over-drilling mistakes. For just under $40, it's a relatively inexpensive insurance policy you'll be happy to have in your tool box for years to come."

PTIA editor-in-chief Kenny Koehler agrees, adding, "Any product can undergo incremental changes. Pro Tool Award winners—like Hole Pilot—tend to reinvent industry trends and bring much more to the table in terms of user accessibility and design excellence. We feel business owners, builders, contractors, and tradespeople can look to PTIA winners to find products that increase productivity, boost profits, and improve job site safety across the board.”

And it's no surprise that Hole Pilot earned praise in all product categories, thanks to its premium, performance-boosting design.

More About Hole Pilot

Hole Pilot is an innovative, industry-leading hole saw drill bit tool that promises bigger holes and bolder performance.This tool offers a simple setup that requires no back access on carpentry, plumbing, lighting, AV electrical, and HVAC projects. Because of its visionary, versatile design, it’s sure to earn a spot in toolboxes everywhere.

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More About PTIA

The Pro Tool Innovation Awards is a nationally-recognized award that hosts representatives from a wide-array of professional industries.The PTIA began in 2013, bringing together large and small companies to highlight the most innovative tools, accessories, and more.

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